Helvetia Mining District

While visiting Tucson, Arizon, we decided to do some rockhounding out in the famous Helvetia Mining District. The area is vast, and full of new and very old reminders of gold and mineral mining operations. Rich in Chrysocolla, Azurite, Cuprite, Psilomelane, Malachite, Pyrite, and so many superior minerals, we were in "hog-heaven"! I was looking for material to make beads with, and some of the chrysocolla that I collected was stable enough to use for beads. We collected around 50 lbs of rock and some very nice mineral specimens. I took some time to take pictures of the "locals"; cows, and a lot of different cacti. We had a great time and proved that a day of rock-hounding beats the pants off a day of work anytime!


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