Crystal Park

  The mention of rockhounding at the motel in Twin Brdges, Montana, had everyone asking if we were going to Crystal Park. Crystal Park is located not far from the town of Dillon, Montana. We were given directions to the site by one of the locals. The cattle roam free in the meadows around there and we passed a couple of cows in the roadway as we made our way up the mountain. Arriving at our destination we found the geologic history of Crystal Park is displayed in a series of billboards. We took the time to read about the crystals and absorb as much information as we could. The billboards showed quartz cystals and amethyst and their different formations. The first thing I learned about digging for the crystals is that in order to be effective you need to have a good quarter inch screen and a small shovel. I also found that my rock pick was useful to break up the dirt matrix that the crystals are found in. There are pits scattered around everywhere in the digging area, so be sure to watch your step. I found a spot halfway up a hill and screened dirt for an hour or so. Needing to stretch my legs, I walked around the trail that circles the perimeter of the main hunting ground until I was getting near the parking lot. I was contemplating a trip to the car when I saw a friend coming up the trail. We stopped to compare notes and success stories before moving on. It was getting to be past 4:00 and everyone in our group decided it was time to pack it in. We all found quite a lot of crystals and it was good fun.


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