A tiny strip of brightly painted old buildings in Chloride, Arizona, is all that is left of the once thriving gold mining town. Quaint shops and a general store are open most days to the tourists that happen by. At the small store we learned that the area had had a lot of rain that season and that the washes were running high. Undaunted, we made our way up the canyon to see the painted murals which are a chief attraction in Chloride. The first wash we came to was pretty rough, and while we were pondering the situation, a truck came by and went through the wash right in front of us. If he could do it so could we! We crossed it without any problem. The canyon is a great place to rockhound, so stopping we began to hunt. We found some green, as well as some rocks with pyrite inclusions. Everywhere, there was an abundance of quartz, and plenty of jasper. After a couple more less impressive crossings, we finally found the murals and got out to take some photos and look around. The site also had some ancient petroglyphs that were interesting. We looked around for awhile, and then drove back down the mountain, stopping to have lunch and do some more rock collecting. We found remnants of old mining operations scattered around and some more neat rocks. A great stop and a super day!


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