Graveyard Point Agate

  In October my mother, my aunt and I stopped to do some exploring at the Graveyard Point, and Regency Rose area in Eastern Oregon near the Idaho border. We followed the sign that said BLM and parked our camper off to the side of the dirt road and unhooked it. We drove up through the hills and past a flagpole with a scrap of Old Glory still flying from it. We drove for several miles on one of the winding dirt roads and stopped near the pit area. This area is under claim so stay away from the actual pit without permission. We did some looking around and found some float we also found a couple nice pieces around the base of an outcropping. The sky started to threaten rain so we beat a hasty retreat. Down by the camper we started looking again and found many lovely agates and jaspers. The rocks we found will need to be cut to find good patterns and many of the small rocks we found will make great tumbling rough for the kids. We were actually on our way home from visiting family in Boise, so this was an unexpected side trip and lots of fun!


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